3 Students Hospitalized After Smoking E-Cigarettes

A trio of students at South Broward High School in Hollywood was hospitalized after the e-cigarettes they decided to smoke may have been laced with an unknown substance.

Fellow students said the students “just dropped” and that they couldn’t breathe after they took a huff from the e-cigarettes. One student who wasn’t involved described the e-cigarettes as “like hookah” and said the students who wound up at the hospital said there was a liquid inside the e-cigarettes.

The Broward School District has released few details about Tuesday’s incident. But parent John Quintero said he received call and email from administrators alerting them of the situation.

“I think they got suspended, and then they got to talk to the father about this,” Quintero said.

Still, students said despite the signs posted all over campus about the area being a drug-free school zone; kids still manage to get them to school.

“I’ve been telling folks, ‘you guys really need to stop smoking and doing all this bad stuff,’” a student who was not identified told NBC 6. “It’s killing you!”

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