3rd Miami-Dade Grow House Busted in Hialeah: Police

Miami-Dade Police discovered an underground marijuana grow house in Hialeah late Tuesday night, which officials believe is possibly related to two other pot labs that have been busted in a 24-hour span.

“It appears it has the same architect. It appears the same man has built and constructed this laboratory," Miami-Dade Police spokesman Roy Rutland said.

The latest grow house was discovered at 583 Southeast 1st Street in Hialeah and was the biggest bust yet, with more than 100 pounds worth about $400,000 discovered inside, police said.

The pot lab stretched the length of a backyard concrete patio and was concealed inside the covered shell of a pool, police said.

In the lab were an illegal electricity setup and a mix of chemicals that could easily ignite if mishandled, police said.

“What if if this was your neighbor with these chemicals underground and you had kids running around in the back yard?" Rutland said. "Without question should a lab like this explode it will take out this house and all the other houses around it."

Detectives were seen taking several plants out of the house, and two men were taken into custody.

The first grow house was discovered late Monday night beneath a swimming pool in the 21000 block of Southwest 125th Avenue. Police said 70 pounds of marijuana worth about $250,000 were found in the home after detectives raided the home after receiving a tip.

A couple, Yamile Gongar and Luis Gonzalez were arrested at the home on drug trafficking charges. Two children were also found living in the home, police said.

The second grow house was discovered earlier Tuesday in the 12000 block of Southwest 220th Street, and was found in the master bedroom of the home under a baby crib, police said.

About 30 pounds of marijuana were seized at the home, which had an elaborate setup with a tunnel that led to the underground grow house.

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