Broward County

4 Arrests Made in Broward Home Burglaries: BSO

Deputies have arrested four people in connection to a string of home break-ins throughout Broward County.

BSO said the burglars have been targeting homes during daylight hours, while the residents were at work. Various items were stolen from at least eight reported burglaries.

Deputies were able to catch the suspects when deputies pulled over a North Lauderdale man for not wearing a seatbelt. They found stolen items in the man's car, which later led investigators to the other culprits.

BSO seized a room full of stolen valuables including: Pearls, diamonds, watches, rifles and handguns.

"I felt violated," said Stacy Siegel, whose home was burglarized. "I came home, my room was totally trashed, and saw that they actually broke into my daughter's room."

This is a reminder to take pictures and write down the serial numbers of all of your valuables, detectives said. That way, if this happens to you, it'll be easier to get your stolen items back.

The suspects have been identified as Andres Sandoval, Kenley Durand, Irvens Joseph and Kervens Joseph. It's unknown whether they've hired attorneys.

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