South Florida

4 Cuban Migrants Come Ashore at Hallandale Beach

Four Cuban migrants are being treated after coming ashore at Hallandale Beach overnight Tuesday following a harrowing seven days at sea.

The group of four men washed up on the shores of Hallandale Beach after midnight Tuesday in the area of 1950 South Ocean Drive.

Dymydro Donets happened to be at the beach when the men washed ashore. He initially thought perhaps the men were drunk, but upon further inspection, he realized they were soaking wet and in need of help.

"They told me that they are Cubans, that there are four of them," Donets said. "That they speak English, at least one of them was a teacher."

Donets said the men told him they were simply happy to be alive. Their small boat was made from scraps of tarp, wood and plastic. Once it reached the shore, the boat began falling apart from the crashing of the waves.

Donets helped the group by contacting police and getting them in touch with medical assistance. The men presented Donets with a good luck charm - a dog tag and chain as a token of their appreciation for his help.

The migrants were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital for examination. After treatment, the men will be taken to Border Patrol agents who will further investigate their case.

A border protection official inspected the boat and found empty water bottles, plastic containers and empty bags of chips.

Under federal law, Cubans who reach dry land in the United States are allowed to stay.

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