5 Minors Sent to Hospital After Chlorine Gas Cloud Appears At Tampa Pool

Five minors were sent to the hospital for evaluation Monday night after a small cloud of chlorine gas appeared when a chemical mix from a pool pump ended up in a Tampa pool, officials said.

The patients were transported after complaining of stomach discomfort and nausea.

The owner of Calypso Pool told Hillsborough County Fire Rescue that an afternoon thunderstorm broke a breaker on one of two indoor pool pumps. The pump responsible for circulating the indoor pool water shut off while the pump used to infuse chemical into the water continued to run, mixing two and a half gallons of chlorine and muriatic acid in the pipe.

The mixed chemicals remained in the pipe until the breaker was repaired, authorities said. When the circulating pump was turned on, it pushed the chemical mix into the pool, which created the cloud of chlorine gas.

Hazmat members arrived and determined that the pool chemicals were balanced and safe. The building was cleared of the chlorine smell and released to the owner, officials said.

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