5 Years Since Fatal Parasailing Accident Killed Teen

15-year-old Amber May was killed in Pompano Beach after a parasailing accident

Saturday marks the fifth-year anniversary of another parasailing accident in Pompano Beach that killed a teenager.

Amber May White, 15, died after her parachute was caught by high winds - dragging her and her sister to shore - then slamming them onto the roof of a hotel after the line snapped.

Father & Daughter Hurt in Parasailing Accident

Their family is working on the "Amber May Law" to regulate the parasailing industry for the first time ever.

Insurance Not Required in Parasailing

On Thursday, 28-year-old Kathleen Miskell from Connecticut was killed when she fell approximately 200 feet in a parasailing accident off Pompano Beach.

Mayor Lamar Fisher said he too was trying to push for legislation to regulate the industry.

"And so here we are today, losing another life, because of no inspections and no opportunities to make sure that this equipment is safe. For someone to have come down on vacation to Pompano Beach, it's inexcusable to me," he said.

For more information on the Amber Law, visit rememberamber.com

Parasailing Woman Dies After Falling About 200 Feet in Water Off Pompano Beach

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