6 Things to Know – Saturday, December 29

Here’s a look at the six things you need to know this Saturday, December 29th.

Weather wise, expect hot and muggy conditions with a chance of stray showers throughout the day. Highs will reach the low 80s.

No. 1 – No Mega Million Winner

No one matched Friday night’s Mega Millions jackpot. A $1 million winning ticket was sold in Florida. The next drawing will be Tuesday, January 1 with an estimated $415 million.

No. 2 – Girl in Critical Condition After Falling From Balcony

A little girl is in critical condition after she fell four floors from a balcony in Fort Lauderdale Friday afternoon. Police are still interviewing witnesses, but say a 17-year-old was babysitting when the five-year-old fell.

No. 3 – Government Shutdown Continues

It’s day eight of the government shutdown. Democrats and Republicans are still at a stand still over coming to an agreement in a spending bill that includes President Trump’s $5 billion border wall.

No. 4 – Social Security Benefits On the Rise

Social security benefits are on the rise. That means you might see more money in your checks next year. Retired workers could get $39 more a month, adding up to about $468 per year.

No. 5 – Minimum Wage in Florida Goes Up

The minimum wage in Florida is going up. Starting January 1, the minimum wage in Florida will go up 21 cents, from $8.25 an hour to $8.46. The minimum wage for tipped employees will also increase to $5.44.

No. 6 – Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Reminds Residents to be Safe on New Year’s Eve

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is showing partygoers how to be safe this New Year’s Eve. Remember to always make sure you are buying your fireworks from approved vendors, and to not shoot your guns in the air.

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