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6 to Know: Plane Crash Brings Back Bad Memories for Mom Who Tragically Lost Son

It’s Thursday, May 19th - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day

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It’s Thursday, May 19th - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day.

No. 1 - Criminals continue to scam people in South Florida’s elderly and vulnerable communities, so the Miami-Dade County State Attorney is taking measures to combat the crimes.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Wednesday the formation of a workgroup called the Elder and Vulnerable Adult Task Force made up of law enforcement, prosecutors and elected officials. Their focus will be on preventing scams on the elderly and people in vulnerable communities. She presented a violent example to press her point: a video of three workers at a group home in North Miami trying to restrain a mentally ill man. The incident happened at The Family Tree Concept Inc. group home on NE 138th Street. According to the arrest report, the group home serves mentally ill adult male patients. 

No. 2 - Videos of school fights are popping up almost weekly in South Florida. The videos show violent attacks and are landing students and adults in handcuffs. 

“Every night I continue to play that video and audio so that I will continue to push,” said Christina Neptune who said her daughter was knocked unconscious at Gulfstream Academy in Hallandale Beach. She shared what she said is video of the attack with NBC 6 News. Her daughter is not alone. Earlier this year another student spoke to NBC 6 and said that she switched schools after being threatened online by her classmates at another Broward School. NBC 6 brought her concerns to the Broward Schools Superintendent. Click here for her response in a report from NBC 6 investigator Heather Walker.

No. 3 - President Joe Biden on Wednesday invoked the Defense Production Act to speed production of infant formula and authorized flights to import supply from overseas, as he faces mounting political pressure over a domestic shortage caused by the safety-related closure of the country's largest formula manufacturing plant.

The Defense Production Act order requires suppliers of formula manufacturers to fulfill orders from those companies before other customers, in an effort to eliminate production bottlenecks. Biden is also authorizing the Defense Department to use commercial aircraft to fly formula supplies that meet federal standards from overseas to the U.S., in what the White House is calling “Operation Fly Formula.” Supplies of baby formula across the country have been severely curtailed in recent weeks after a February recall by Abbott Nutrition exacerbated ongoing supply chain disruptions among formula makers, leaving fewer options on store shelves and increasingly anxious parents struggling to find nutrition for their children.

No. 4 - Megan Bishop says the plane crash that killed one person and injured five others on a Miami bridge Saturday brought back painful memories of her son’s tragic death last year.

“Some days it’s really hard,” Bishop said. “I miss him a lot.” On March 15, 2021, Bishop and her son Taylor were driving near SW 72nd Avenue and SW 13th Street in Pembroke Pines when a small plane crashed into their SUV and burst into flames. The impact killed the four-year-old along with two people on board the plane. It’s a dark memory Bishop says resurfaced when she saw images of another plane crash on the Haulover Inlet Bridge last weekend. Click here for her emotional memories in a report from NBC 6’s Kim Wynne you’ll see Only on 6.

No. 5 - Surveillance video captured a man in a red hoodie and another man trying to get inside a black SUV in the middle of the night.

The SUV’s owner said the men were in his driveway to steal his Cadillac Escalade. Police and tech experts say the men are using a device that intercepts the signal from your key fob — the signal that opens the door and can start the car. Once the signal was intercepted, one man was able to get inside Reyes' SUV, and then a short time later, the car starts. The man in the red hoodie jumped in, and they went off with Reyes’ black SUV. Miami-Dade Police said they are trying to find the men and that they’ve seen other cars being stolen by using technology that’s supposed to help drivers. Click here to find out how you can keep your car safe in a report from NBC 6 investigator Willard Shepard.

No. 6 – The Miami Heat and Florida Panthers will both be back in action Thursday night in Game 2 of their pivotal series.

The Heat will host the Boston Celtics in their Eastern Conference Finals showdown inside the FTX Arena, looking to take a commanding 2-0 series lead after their Game 1 win on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers look to even their series with the in-state rival Tampa Bay Lightning in their second-round battle inside the FLA Live Arena.

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