6-Year-Old Student Handcuffed, Committed by School

A little girl was sent to an adult mental institution for being unruly

Port St. Lucie's school system has an interesting way of dealing with disruptive students.

The same school district that allowed an autistic boy to be voted out of kindergarten class for being a bit unruly has a far worse penalty for 6-year-old little girls.

Handcuffs and straight jackets.

A Parkway Elementary School student was cuffed and sent to an adult mental institution earlier this month after she through a temper tantrum in the middle of class, reports TCPalm.com. The little girl was handcuffed by a Sheriff's Office deputy "for her safety and the safety of others," a police report said.

The incident report said the girl was hitting school officials and screaming, although it's unclear what brought on the tantrum. The handcuffs worked because the little girl calmed down after an hour in the tight silver bracelets, but her troubles were just beginning.

A few days later, the girl had another fit, allegedly hitting the school's principal in the stomach. The principal, who was eight months pregnant, called the same deputy, who then tossed the little girl in the back of his patrol car and transported her to the local adult mental institution.

"These people are going to the extreme," said Kathy Franklin, the girl's mother.

School board officials will most likely investigate the incident, much like they did when 5-year-old Alex Barton was voted out of class two years ago for being disruptive in class. Turns out Barton had a form of autism and his mother is now suing the school board.

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