$60 Million Home Could Be Miami's Priciest

$60 million new home on Indian Creek Island a piece of art

Two bold developers are days away from completing what could be the most expensive home ever sold in South Florida. 

The $60 million residence sits on exclusive Indian Creek Island off Miami Beach and features an architectural style that’s part modern, part cozy.
Complete with an open air 50-foot vertical garden atrium smack in the middle of the 5-module home, it’s so open and airy that you never know when you’re inside and when you’re outside.
There are almost no north-south walls to take full advantage of the Florida sunshine and water views.
The two men who built it say their target audience has never even heard of the recession.
And they say the word mansion just doesn't fit. Estate? No way.
And don't make the mistake I made and use the “h-word.”
"No! It is not just a house,” scowled co-developer Shlomy Alexander, good naturedly.
"We call it a home resort, it's not a house,” said the other co-developer, Felix Cohen. “It's more like your own personal resort."
In fact, it's more. It's a “piece.”
"A piece, a very special piece,” says Alexander. “And I think it's a very unique piece of art. And that's how we're calling it."
Realtor Jill Eber prequalifies those who walk through at $500 million net worth. She is limiting the people who are allowed to see it.
The key just may be that the two developers are not actually developers. This is Alexander and Cohen’s first major project. So they don't approach the business like a normal developer and the house feels different because of that.
“Well, first of all, we are not professional developers,” underscores Cohen. “We are people - we like beautiful things. I, myself, am in the fashion business. And I consider fashion decoration, architecture – it’s all about the same thing. It's about the beauty.”
The developers say it's not the 10 bedrooms or the 14 bathrooms or the 7-car garage. It's not even about the $60 million price tag. It's about the intangibles. The magic. They predict whoever buys the house will walk in and buy it on the spot.
Cohen and Alexander initially had a lower price but got an offer while still under construction. So they invested more and upped the price.
Already, Miami's legendary model manager Michele Pommier says it's the perfect location for a Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated photo shoot.
"Love it," said Alexander of the home. "If I have to do it all over again, nothing I'd change."
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