60s-Era Stacks at FPL Plant to Be Demolished Tuesday

The 350-foot stacks will be demolished and replaced by a more energy efficient plant.

On Tuesday morning, the four red and white stacks that have been a South Florida landmark since the 60s will be permanently removed from the skyline.

The 350-foot stacks at the FPL power plant in Port Everglades and their 7,500-ton boilers will be demolished in less than 60 seconds with 450 pounds of explosives.

In their place, FPL will build a new facility that will be 35 percent more efficient and use less fuel.

“It’s not efficient, and we are going to be building in its place a new efficient, clean-air, clean-energy center,” FPL spokesman, Bill Orlove said.

The new facility will run on American-produced natural gas and will provide energy for 260,000 customers whose pockets will benefit from the change.

“It’s going to keep their bills low, it’s going to bring jobs to the area,” Orlove said.

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