6th Annual Gay Pride Parade Takes Over South Beach - NBC 6 South Florida

6th Annual Gay Pride Parade Takes Over South Beach

NBC 6 co-sponsored the parade and became the first local station to march.



    The 6th Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade took place Sunday, and NBC 6, which co-sponsored the event, became the first local station to march in support of the LGBT community. NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez has the story. (Published Sunday, April 13, 2014)

    After several days of events and parties, Pride Week culminated on the streets of South Beach for the 6th annual Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival.

    The loud and colorful event is a celebration of the LGBT community.

    "It's all about the party, celebrating life, culture [and being] proud to be who you are," said Pride board member Hernan Valverde.

    Drag queens and people aboard floats didn't fail to put on a show as crowds along the parade route shouted in support of gay pride.

    "To me they're equal, just like anybody else. Love is love, right?" Grecia Saucedo said.

    Nanette Rivero and her husband said they came to the parade to support their gay children.

    John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI

    "They're gay and they need their rights, so I think we're supporting their rights," Rivero said.

    Another crowd favorite was Miami's own Gloria Estefan who served as the Grand Marshall along with artist Kenny Ortega.

    "I think it's important to really support people that are looking for equality. I mean women's rights took a log time. Civil rights took a long time. I think this issue is moving at breakneck speed," Estefan said.

    Decked out in purple, NBC 6 took co-sponsored this year's event, becoming the first local station to march at Miami Beach Gay Pride.

    "NBC 6 is sponsoring this event to be part of the community. This is our community," said NBC 6 Station Manager Larry Olevitch.

    LGBT couples who have been together for 20 years or more were also honored.

    "In 1960 it was a whole different ball game, everything was in the closet. I envy the young kids now," said Frank Petrole.