75 Dogs, 86 Cats Arrive in South Florida From The Bahamas

Dozens of pets that were displaced after Hurricane Dorian tore through the northwestern Bahamas are finding a new home in the United States.

A group of pets from the Bahamas arrived at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Wednesday. The animals – 75 dogs and 86 cats – were flown in from the Grand Bahama Humane Society, which was wrecked during the Category 5 storm.

Wings of Rescue, a nonprofit that transports thousands of pets in-need to safe locations, was the organization behind the philanthropic move.

“They’re safe, they’re gonna be adopted, they’re gonna be the Kardashians of cats and dogs and be adopted very quickly,” said Ric Browde, Wings of Rescue president.

With help from GreaterGood.org and National Jets Air Center, Wings of Rescue brought three tons of humanitarian supplies to Freeport.

“All of us have to help these people. They are struggling. I don’t care what your politics are, we’re all one world,” Browde said.

While volunteers unloaded dogs and cats in Fort Lauderdale, animal lovers in Freeport went to the airport at 4:30 a.m. to load animals onto the airplane bound for South Florida.

“This is all very personal to them, they’ve lost everything,” said Erin Robbins, of Wings of Rescue.

“There were so many volunteers there, they had to come in a flatbed, there weren’t enough cars…all there to help.”

The cats are headed to New Jersey while the dogs are on their way to Vero Beach.

We wish them bone-voyage.

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