Matthew Perez

8-Year-Old Florida Boy Catches Mammoth Alligator

During a family hunting trip, an 8-year-old boy accomplished what many hunters dream of — catching an absolute behemoth of an alligator.

According to WFLA, young Grayson Chandley caught an alligator, measuring in at 11 feet, 3 inches long last month in Lake Kissimmee.

“I wanted to get it and I got it,” Grayson told WFLA.

Grayson, a third-grader, was eager to tell his friends about his big catch.

“I killed a big one,” he told them. To which his classmates replied, “that’s awesome.”

Grayson’s mother Lacey said her sons have been going on hunting trips with their father since the age of 5. Lacey's said she's proud of her son's accomplishment and adds he caught the massive gator without any help from his dad.

However, Grayson wasn’t the only member of the family to bring home a gator — his brother Gage, 11, caught a gator that was 8-feet, 3-inches long.

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