South Florida

9-Foot-Long Python Found by Kayaker in Biscayne Bay

The Burmese python continues to be found in and around Biscayne National Park.

A kayaker, who was paddling around a small platform in Biscayne Bay just east of Mowry Canal, saw a 9-foot-long python curled up on a platform. Soon after, South Florida Water Management District technicians located the snake and quickly removed it.

The python has been relocated and will serve as a training snake to for classes to teach the public about the Burmese python invasion and how to safely capture and remove these nasty invaders.

Biscayne National Park officials ask for everyone to please keep their eyes out for pythons; saying they can occur in places you might not suspect. Report sightings of pythons in and around the park to a park ranger or online.

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