91 Cats and Kittens Begin Miami-Dade to Maryland Road Trip

Last Chance Animal Rescue of Maryland will receive the felines at the South Carolina-North Carolina border

Ninety-one cats and kittens set off on a road trip Tuesday, heading from Miami-Dade Animal Services to Maryland.

The agency has too many cats, having already taken in close to 4,000 this year. But a no-kill shelter in Maryland has agreed to take them from Miami-Dade, in a handoff at the South Carolina-North Carolina state line.

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The idea is to save as many of the animals’ lives as possible, officials said.

The felines will be picked up by Last Chance Animal Rescue of Maryland, which has promised them adopting homes.

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"I've had these guys since their eyes were closed,” said trip organizer Cindy Hewitt, as she held two of the kittens.

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She said she’ll miss Barbie and Barbarian, but it's really the only option.

"They're all socialized, they’re all very friendly and handle-able, so it’s a great deal for them, and it’s a good deal for us because it helps us save lives,” Hewitt said.

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