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911 Calls Released in Deadly Shooting Tied to “Flakka” Binge

Frantic 911 calls detail the terrifying moments after authorities say a South Florda man fatally shot his friend in the face during a three-day drug bender fueled by vodka, molly, and the street drug, flakka.

In the recordings released by the Broward County Sheriff's Office, the victim's friend is heard demanding an ambulance, and telling the dispatcher "My friend, he's shot, he's down. It's in his face. He's shot in his face."

BSO said Travis Lee, 31, described by authorities as a known drug dealer with an extensive criminal history, was well into a three-day flakka and molly binge when his friend, Richard Andrews, 34, decided to join him.

According to investigators, the two men met up around 5 a.m. Friday, April 10, and continued the substance-fueled bender by adding vodka and molly to the mix.

The two men sold heroin throughout the morning, officials said, until they decided to go to the home of Andrew’s sister in the West Park neighborhood of Carver Ranches.

Andrews began working on a white Buick which was in the driveway at his sister’s home. The Buick was parked adjacent to a black Cadillac which was facing in the opposite direction. Both men were armed; Andrews with a semiautomatic handgun and Lee with a shotgun.

Lee moved the loaded shotgun from the interior of the Cadillac to the trunk in an attempt to conceal it from passers-by. Once the shotgun was in the trunk, Lee tried to unload the weapon when it fired, authorities say.

The shot ripped through the side of the Cadillac's trunk and hit Andrews in the face. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Travis Lee was charged with manslaughter with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Law enforcement officials and medical personnel have warned about the growing popularity of Flakka, a synthetic street drug mix with a base of bath salts that can result in paranoia, anxiety, psychosis and hallucinations.

In February, a man who authorities say had consumed the drug was caught on surveillance camera attempting to kick in the hurricane glass doors of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department headquarters. Earlier this month, NBC6 obtained video shows a naked man running through the streets of Fort Lauderdale after allegedly smoking Flakka. 

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