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Weston Homeowner Told Garden's Gotta Go

Homeowner Amy Becerra is asked to dig up her organic garden



    Woman Told to Remove Organic Garden

    If it can be done at the White House, why not in Weston? A homeowner is trying to fight her development's association that says her veggies and fruit trees are not allowed. (Published Thursday, March 10, 2011)

    Wait until Michelle Obama hears about this.

    A Weston Hills homeowner says she's been ordered to remove her organic garden -- or else.

    Amy Becerra, a nurse midwife, took up organic gardening at her home this past summer. Now she has veggies, herbs and fruit growing like crazy.

    “I have two different types of carrots, I have four different kinds of strawberries, I have sweet corn, three kinds of peas," Beccera said. "I'm organic gardening because I want a healthier diet. I want to know what's in my food.”

    Beccera also likes to show off her home-grown spuds.

    “You can see all the roots on them, they're real,” she says, also admiring her purple pole beans. “Another thing you won't find in the grocery store.”

    While her homeowner's association doesn't have a problem with all the food growing in Becerra's screened-in pool patio, the garden on the side of her home is against the rules,
    which state that no vegetable gardens shall be permitted except in fully enclosed patio areas.

    Becerra's been told to get rid of her garden or face $100-a-day fines.

    “This is bigger than me, it's more than about my yard or my garlic plants," Beccera said. "It will break my heart if I have to take those out, but I'm going to try and fight this.”
    Attorney Frank Wolland is on the case.

    “Their rules do conflict with state law, I believe,” Wolland said.

    Retired botany professor Al Will is also helping out, providing the latest information on the Florida Friendly Landscaping legislation.

    “This is a natural thing, that Americans are supposed to grow foods," Beccera said. "This is happening all over, in fact The White House planted a vegetable garden.” 

    Wednesday night Becerra was scheduled to present her case to a committe of the homeowners association.  When she arrived, they told her the meeting was postponed so they could study this issue further.

    At least for now, she doesn't have to pay a fine and she can continue to grow her garden.


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