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ACLU to Challenge State Worker Drug Testing

Gov. Scott issues executive order requiring testing for Florida employees



    ACLU to Challenge State Worker Drug Testing
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    Florida Governor Rick Scott

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is expected to challenge an executive order from Gov. Rick Scott that requires drug tests for state workers.

    ACLU officials claim the order, which mandates the tests regardless of suspicion, violates employees' privacy rights. It requires testing for potential employees as well as random tests for current employees.

    Scott says taxpayers deserve to know that those in public service "are part of a drug-free workplace."

    The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed blanket suspicion-less drug testing only if "the risk to public safety is substantial and real."

    The news comes just a day after Scoot signed a bill requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug screening. Applicants will have to pay for the tests themselves and will be reimbursed if they pass.

    That bill has also been called an invasion of personal privacy and is expected to be challenged.