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Air Show May Fly Into Miami Beach

Plans for a air show on South Beach in the works



    Two air shows could be headed to South Florida. (Published Wednesday, March 23, 2011)

     You've all heard the old expression “money falling from the sky," but now plans are in the works for two South Florida cities to see dollars drop from above.

    NBC Miami has learned that Miami Beach is in talks with air show producers to bring a show similar to the one held in Ft. Lauderdale in the past to South Beach.

    "It’s amazing, those planes, you think they are going to fall and they turn around and it’s amazing,” said Monica Maiolo from Maya Tapas & Grill.

    Maiolo enjoys seeing air shows almost as much as she loves money flowing into her Lincoln Road restaurant. Pretty soon, she may have both.

    "That would bring a lot of business," Maiolo said. "Anytime we have a special event, it brings a good crowd."

    The Miami Beach Air Show, which would consist of military and civilian aircraft racing above, would be a boon for business. The show is designed to fill restaurants and hotels at a time when fewer tourists are here, probably taking place in May or October of 2012.

    "Our city has been exploring with two different companies the possibility of hosting such an event," said Jerry Libbin, from the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. "Our chairman of the chamber always says a rising tide lifts you, bringing tens of thousands of people and they spend money and go to the restaurants, hotels and they rent cars."

    A team of experts from Miami Beach went to see an air show in Coco Beach recently to see exactly how it works. They have also been meeting with residents of Miami Beach to address any concerns over noise and traffic.

    This isn't the only air show being considered to bring big dollars to Miami-Dade.

    The county and Beacon Council sources say they are working to bring what amounts to a Paris air show to the Homestead Air Reserve Base. The separate air show would focus on industry buyers and technology with meetings held on Miami Beach.

    "Hopefully some conferences, meetings here in the convention center," said Libbin.

    Local leaders are reportedly looking to Washington for federal money to help pay for the Homestead event. Miami Beach leaders are looking to insure taxpayers to foot the bill for any cost of an air show on South Beach, one all agree would stuff money into worker’s pockets.