Angry Rider Spanked Bus Driver With Belt

Tyrone Hubbert

If you thought riding the bus in Miami-Dade was a dangerous proposition, try driving one.

A Miami-Dade County bus driver was beaten with a belt by a passenger who was upset he actually had to pay to get a ride, police said Wednesday.

Tyrone Darell Hubbert, 18, was arrested and charged with battery after he allegedly whipped the bus driver.

Hubbert is in Miami-Dade jail on $5,000 bond.

According to an arrest report, the teen tried to pay the $2 bus fare by swiping his Social Security card. After several futile attempts, the unidentified bus driver told Hubbert he had to pay or get off the bus.

That's when Hubbert took off his belt and started swinging, hitting the bus driver several times as he drove, police said.

The alleged victim stopped the bus and was able to subdue Hubbert until the cops arrived.