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Cars and Bling in Weston Ponzi Schemer's Crib

Mansion treasure trove of accused Ponzi schemer looks like "Cribs" episode



    Say "I Do" to Grenada
    Sean and Shalese Healy, taken from her MySpace page at

    The bounty of cars, jewelry and other expensive toys amassed by alleged Ponzi schemer Sean Healy would make any pirate proud, but the loot shows just how brazen the South Florida man was with his ill-gotten gains.

    Authorities say Healy, 38, bilked clients out of nearly $15 million, investing nothing and living high on the hog with his former Hooters girl wife in their $2.4 million Weston mansion.

    A tour of the treasures yesterday revealed the lavish lifestyle of Sean and Shalese Healy. Nearly $1.5 million in expensive jewelry, enough bling to make a rap star blush. More sports memorabilia than a all-star athlete. And enough horsepower in the garage to rival a NASCAR team.

    "He did live like a rock star," said Paul Turner, a lawyer representing one of the bilked investors, a Pennsylvania chiropractor who lost some $12 million in the scheme.

    The federal indictment against Healy, unsealed last week, charges Healy with 55 counts including wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering. What makes Healy's theft so brazen is that not a cent was spent on actual investments.

    "A lot of the times when someone's doing a Ponzi scheme, they actually do some investment, here, none of the money was invested," said Melanie Damian, a court-appointed receiver, in charge of looking after all that loot.

    After purchasing the posh mansion, which formerly belonged to football player Bernie Kosar, the Healys spent $2 million on home improvements, including $500,000 on a home theater, according to authorities.

    "In every room there's a big screen, flat screen TV, including the baby's room," said Damian.

    Among the cars the Healys acquired, before the scheme unfolded earlier this year: A red Ferarri, valued at $250,000; a yellow Lamborghini, worth another $250,000; two matching black porches, worth $125,000; a stretch limo valued at $100,000; a silver Lamborghini with custom pink trim for Mrs. Healy, valued at $225,000; and a Hummer golf cart, worth $35,000. The total value of all the cars: $1.08 million.

    Other gawdy items include a guitar hand-signed by several members of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and some Versace goblets.

    To make things worse, Healy, even as he knew authorities were closing in on him, made a $4,000 trip to a strip club just before his arrest, lawyers said. 

    Healy, now under house arrest in New York, could not be reached for comment. Turner said he can't believe Healy's hubris.

    "It makes no sense to me. If you're gonna run a multimillion dollar scam like this, you think you'd have an exit strategy and there's clearly not one in this case."