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Baby Baboon Born at Jungle Island



    Baby Baboon Born at Jungle Island
    A baby baboon was born last week at Jungle Island and is adjusting well.

    Jungle Island welcomed a baby baboon named Makara, who was born last week.

    Makara is a female Hamadrya baboon that is being cared by her four-year-old mother, whose name is Isis, according to a news release.

    “Early in the morning, Makara ventures away from her mom and is playful. It’s fun for us to watch the dynamic within the group and how the other baboons interact with Makara. She’s getting a lot of attention from our park visitors, too,” said Dr. Jason Chatfield, vice president of zoological operations at Jungle Island.

    Officials say the newly born baboon is adjusting well to its new habitat. Hamadrya baboons are native to Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.