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BaselTalk: Trek6 Leads a Keen Team for Heineken’s Mural Project



    BaselTalk: Trek6 Leads a Keen Team for Heineken’s Mural Project

    If anyone anywhere needed any more proof that Miami not only serves as the site of the world’s most renowned street art, but that our city also grows its own, well, they need look no further than the four-corner cool to be found in the Heineken Open Your World Mural Project. Featuring out-of-towners Chor Boogie, Estria, Prime and Don Rimx, as well as MIA faves Trek6 and CP1, and slated for sites stretching from Cafeina to Art Miami, the rad action puts six of the slickest visualists in the game all within biking distance of each other -- and of you and your bike (which the beer brand is encouraging you to ride). Trek6 tells NBC6 all about it.

    Wanna give us your quick take on the Heineken Open Your World Mural Project? The project really encompasses a lot! The artist murals by Chor Boogie, Estria, Don Rimx, CP1, Prime and myself are just one of the components. There will be bike stations in Wynwood and Midtown, an artist hub at The Workshop where we'll each have our work, a beer garden at Wood Tavern, live music at The Stage and pop-up parties during Art Basel as well.

    How does your own mural fit into this big picture? The subject matter was Heineken's Open Your World message. It's my interpretation. My wall is at The Workshop which, as I mentioned, is the Heineken Artist Hub and Gallery. I'm also collaborating with Estria and Prime at 313 NW 25 St.

    Did your commission come with parameters, or were you told to simply have at it? For the most part we were told to interpret Heineken's Open Your World message with a few guidelines because of legalities. We were very staunch on the fact that this initiative was about Heineken supporting the artists not the artist doing a Heineken mural. Heineken has been as respectful and understanding of our guidelines as we have been of theirs. It’s been win-win all around.

    Will this be the first time you and the other muralists aligned with Heineken? Yes, this is a first for all of us! We hope this initiative goes to others cities. It's great to see brands embracing the local artists and art scene.

    What seems to be the general consensus among everyone? Good vibes all around. We are having a great time hanging out together and getting on walls. I know it will show through our work. We have become like a family. Come hang out with us at the murals and you'll see! Everyone is invited to come hang out.

    If you had to sum up just what’s in store for folks, what would you say? Visual Euphoria.

    Heineken Open Your World Mural Project opening party takes place Thursday, November 29th at Cafeina. Subsequent events occur at Wood Tavern, Art Miami, The Workshop, The Stage and Pulse. For more information log on here.