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Broward College Helps Math Teacher Fulfill Dream



    Teacher Fulfills Dream with Math Students

    NBC 6's Melissa Adan shares the story of a teacher who graduated from Broward College's specialized program and was able to fulfill her math dream with students. (Published Friday, Oct. 14, 2016)

    Motivated and determined, Tikysha Parrott says her dreams of becoming an educator have come true.

    “It's what I wanted to do since I was a kid. I went home and played school to be a teacher,” said Parrot.

    She recently joined Broward County Public Schools as a fourth and fifth grade math teacher at Collins Elementary. Math is a subject which is in dire need of teachers.

    “Math is everywhere my students we go out we walk around and find math on the basketball court, in the parking lot. We find math in the grocery stores.”

    Ms. Parrott says her journey to become a teacher wasn’t that easy and her path led her to Broward College.

    She said she faced personal obstacles and financial setbacks until she decided to give her hometown college a try.

    Parrot explained, “Broward College not only did they give me more financial aid but they gave me the best exposure and placed me in the perfect schools. I was so prepared to go into my school.”

    Broward College says last school year the county had 77 teachers working outside their field of certification in math and science. This prompted the college to take on an effort to help their community fill the void of stem teacher shortages.

    “All of our Teacher Ed programs are designed to meet the critical need here in the county so the large amount of graduates in exceptional student education program,” said Jeffrey Nasse, Dean of Education Pathway Community.

    Students can enter the teacher education program and earn their Bachelors in education.

    “I always tell my students we're ahead of this and as long as you try, we're okay,” said Parrot.