Broward Man Arrested in 2016 Crash That Killed Wife, 2 Kids

Trevor Carter-Remy appears in bond court to face charges in the 2016 crash that killed his wife and two of her children.

(Published Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017)

A South Florida man accused of driving drunk in the 2016 crash that killed his wife and two of her children has been arrested.

Trevor Carter-Remy, 27, is facing a number of charges, including two counts aggravated manslaughter of a child, five counts of DUI causing death, three counts of vehicular homicide, four counts of DUI with damage to property and four counts of reckless driving causing damage to property.

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(Published Friday, April 27, 2018)

Authorities say Carter-Remy was driving his Car on Interstate 75 near Sheridan Street the night on April 24, 2016, when the car went out of control and flipped over.

Killed in the crash were his 30-year-old wife, Tiffany Turnbull, and two of her children, ages five and eight. Four other children - ages 10, 6, 4 and 16 months - were also in the car but survived.

Authorities say when Carter-Remy's blood was drawn at the hospital an hour after the crash, his blood alcohol level was .14, above Florida's legal limit of .08. A sample taken three hours after the crash was .06.

Children who were in the car and survived the crash told investigators that Carter-Remy and Turnbull were arguing just before the crash, authorities said. No one in the car was wearing seatbelts, authorities said.

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Carter-Remy also appeared impaired at the scene, authorities said.

At a bond court hearing this week, defense attorney Jonathan Schwartz called into question the time it took to bring charges in the case and argued that Carter-Remy wasn't drunk.

"It's a complicated situation where clearly what the facts of the case were are difficult to tell," Schwartz said. "There seems to be significant evidence that there was conflict between the parents in the car, that she was hitting him, that she was punching him and maybe he was trying to control the car. What it's consistent with is that somebody took the wheel and pushed the wheel, jerking it suddenly to the left, which caused the accident."

Schwartz said Carter-Remy was seriously injured in the crash and spent a long time in the hospital.

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(Published Thursday, April 26, 2018)

Carter-Remy was ordered held on more than $1 million bond. He's due back in court for an arraignment on Nov. 14.