Cancer Survivors and Patients Swim With Dolphins

Young cancer survivors and patients from Miami Children's Hospital got the opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins at Island Dolphin Care Friday. Milton Stubbs, Nicole Torres and Island Dolphin Care's director Deena Hoagland talk about the experience. (Published Friday, July 20, 2012)

Young cancer survivors and patients from Miami Children's Hospital spent Friday with dolphins at Island Dolphin Care.

"it makes me forget all the hard times you went through," Nicole Torres said. "It's like home.They make activities for us to feel comfortable since we've been in the hospital."

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Sixteen-year-old Milton Stubbs has just entered into remission after his three-year battle with cancer.

The kids got the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, touch them and interact.

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Even some of the Miami Dolphins players got in the water with the kids. The team is a huge supporter of the facility.

"The giggles, the squeals of delight are so extraordinary. And you know that looking at that child for that moment that's there's no way they are thinking about their cancer or what's ahead of them," said Deena Hoagland,Island Dolphin Care director.

The center is a non-profit facility that only hosts kids with disabilities.

Torres completed her cancer treatment and she's now inspiring other campers that they will recover one day too.

"I help them realize that everything is going to be OK, and they are going to get through it and be fine," she said. "It helps to be with kids who have the same thing you do. And give hope to some kids who are still in treatment and makes them feel good to know they are going to recover the same way and have a normal life again."

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