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Cautious Crist Defends Luxe Travel

Gov. says he pays for private jet travel but won't give details



    Cautious Crist Defends Luxe Travel
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    Gov. Crist is talking but giving no details about his extensive use of private jets.

    Gov. Charlie Crist is speaking out about those pricey flights he's been taking on private jets, and though he still won't release details he says everything is on the up and up.

    "If there's personal travel, I pay for it personally," Crist told the Miami Herald yesterday. "If there's political travel, it's paid for by the party. If there is state travel, it's paid for by the state, as required by law and to the letter of the law. I mean, to do what's right is what we're supposed to do."

    Crist was called out by the Sun-Sentinel late last week for his expensive air travel habits. The paper reported that Crist had taken over 100 flights on private jets owned by wealthy GOP backers since elected governor two years ago.

    Despite his calls for more openness in government, Crist has been reluctant to discuss his travel info.

    "You have no idea how cautious I am -- well, you probably do," Crist insisted.

    When reporters asked Crist to produce flight records or show canceled checks to prove he paid for his flights, Crist said he didn't know where they are. 

    As a state senator in the late '90s, Crist criticized Gov. Lawton Chiles for flying on private planes to go hunting and attend sporting events.

    "Whatever standard he held Chiles to, he should live up to," state Rep. Ron Saunders told the Sun-Sentinel. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."