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Central Florida City Wants Giant Mushroom Statue Back

The quirky community landmark in Winter Haven was erected in 1954, but collapsed in 2005.



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    A statue of a giant mushroom that was erected in Winter Haven in 1954, then collapsed in 2005, could be resurrected if a group of residents has its way.

    The Lakeland Ledger reports that some Winter Haven nostalgists are calling for the return of the quirky community landmark. A Facebook group has been launched to bring it back.

    The mushroom was hollow with a concrete shell and was used as a picnic area. It was featured on several Web sites that listed odd pieces of Americana and became a popular roadside attraction.

    It survived the realignment of Cypress Gardens Boulevard in 2000, but collapsed after a hairline crack was noticed on the cap. Some suspected damage from the trio of hurricanes that struck in 2004 was the culprit.

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