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Charlie Crist Has It His Way

Gov. visits Burger King, again, avoids Rubio



    Charlie Crist Has It His Way
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    I want a hamburger, no a cheeseburger. I want onion rings, I want french fries, I want...

    It was fine dining for Florida's Governor yesterday as Charlie Crist spent the day munching on Whoppers, ribs and funnel cake sticks at Burger King's Miami headquarters.

    The fit and trim Crist may be getting a taste for the King: it was his second trip there in the past three weeks. Crist had to cut a Sept. 2 visit to the headquarters short after a flight delay.

    The second visit wasn't just about a taste test, Crist said.

    "They provide an awful lot of jobs for people in Florida and that's really the point," Crist told the Miami Herald. "It's the economy, economy, economy, and any time I have the opportunity to visit a great Florida company that's international in scope and that really represents Miami and provides jobs . . .I'm very grateful."

    Crist said he was there "to learn from people on the front end of what's happening in the economy and how government can get out of the way and maybe help."

    But a spokesman for the Gov.'s rival in the 2010 U.S. Senate race, Marco Rubio, wasn't impressed with Crist's fast food stop.

    "He has time to eat Whoppers and raise money, but he doesn't seem to have time to debate Marco Rubio on the issues," Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos told the Herald.

    Crist followed up his Whopper stop with a slightly more upscale $500-per-person fundraiser in Miami Beach last night. It was Crist's sixth SoFla event in the past few weeks as he collects checks and trolls for votes in preparation for his Senate run.

    "It's important to be out with the people and get around the state," Crist said.