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Convicted Child Killer’s Motion for Quick Execution Denied

Prisoner refuses to take medication before hearing



    Convicted Child Killer's Motion Denied (Published Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012)

    A convicted child killer and rapist continues playing a sordid game of possum with a Broward County judge as he once again refused to take his anti-depressant medication before a hearing Sunday at which he said he planned to drop his death penalty appeal and ask for an execution date.

    Howard Ault was in court last Friday but Judge Marc Gold first postponed the hearing because the prisoner said he had not been given his medication since Wednesday of last week.

    On Sunday, when asked by the judge if he had since taken his medication, Ault said he had on Friday but refused on Saturday after getting into a row with a corrections officer.

    “He knows how to push my buttons,” Ault said, claiming that the officer would not let the nurse administer the medication because he wanted to do it himself.

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    The judge then ordered a nurse into the chambers to explain the situation and asked if the medication could be given in open court with the hearing delayed an hour while the drugs took effect.

    “Alright Mr. Ault are you ready to take your medication in open court?” Gold asked.
    When Ault started to waver, the judge called his bluff.

    “Yes or no?”

    “No,” replied Ault.

    “Alright then this is done. I’m denying your motion, send Mr. Ault back from where he came,” the judge said, before adding that the next time the prisoner wanted to ask for a dismissal of his hearing he would have to do it from prison via television so as not to waste any more time.

    Ault first started flip-flopping on his decision to fire his attorney, dismiss his appeal and ask for an execution date in September when he was first brought to the Broward Court.

    The prisoner is on death row for the rape and strangling death of an 11-year-old and also killing her 7-year-old sister in Oakland Park in 1996.