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Cops Search for Man Who Shot 3 People

Miami Police said they were looking for Erin Cash Sunday morning.

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    Police Search for Man Who Shot Three People in Northwest Miami

    Police were searching for 23-year-old Erin Cash, who they say shot three people in northwest Miami. (Published Monday, July 30, 2012)

    Authorities continue searching for a gunman who shot three people in northwest Miami Sunday. 

    Miami Police issued a lookout alert for 23-year-old Erin Cash around noon, for a "suspect randomly driving around shooting at victims," according to a release.

    The incident began as a domestic dispute when Cash and his girlfriend got into an argument, police said. Officials said their 3-year-old son was inside this white Pontiac as Cash beat up the child's mother.

    "He said that he was going to kill her, the mother and the child," said public information officer William Moreno. "Secondly, he has told her that he's not going down without a fight."

    The girlfriend threw herself out of the car and Cash took off with their toddler, planning to make good on some of his threats, police said. 

    "He was driving around, he's been going to different family members' homes and shooting at victims randomly," Moreno said.

    Cash allegedly made a target of his girlfriend's two brothers, driving to different locations until he found them - and then shot them. He then aimed for a third person but hurt an innocent bystander instead.

    The suspect spared his 3-year-old son, dropping him off at his grandmother's home where he was later found safe.

    This is where he also abandoned his car.

    It's unclear if the child accompanied his father on the shooting spree.

    Cash's face is now plastered on wanted posters in Liberty City, wanted - this time - for attempted murder.

    However, this is not Cash's first time around the block, his lengthy rap sheet lists more than a dozen felony charges including attempted murder - some of which were dismissed - many others he was never tried for. His last known address is 1255 NW 72 Street in Miami.

    "We consider him to be really dangerous. He's shown motive luckily no one injured seriously," Moreno said.

    Police said the injuries suffered by the victims were non-life-threatening.

    Anyone with information can call (305) 603-6350.

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