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Cops Release 911 Calls in Son-Mom Murder Case

Beau Bruneau accused of bludgeoning mom at Hollywood home



    Beau Bruneau calls 911 moments after allegedly killing his mother. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010)

    Beau Bruneau, the Hollywood man accused of killing his mother and leaving her to die in her front yard remains behind bars on murder charges Tuesday, the same day police released the frantic 911 call he made just moments after the brutal attack.

    "I just tried to kill my mom," Bruneau matter-of-factly tells the emergency operator in the call.

    "You just tried to kill your mom?" the operator responds.

    "I just tried to kill my mom," Bruneau repeats, before telling the operator the ghastly details. "I hit her and then I hit her with a hammer, then with a brick."

    Bruneau, 29, has been charged with murder in the Saturday killing of mother Nancy Bruneau at her home on the 1400 block of Van Buren St. Paramedics found her body on the front yard, with severe trauma to her head.

    In the 911 call, Beau Bruneau, who has a history of mental illness, seems agitated when the operator says his name incorrectly.

    "Where is she right now?" the operator asks him.

    "She's sitting in the front yard. Can you hurry up please?" Bruneau responds.

    "OK, where are you Alberto?"

    "I'm sorry?...Did you just call me Alberto?" Bruneau says.

    "Isn't that what your name is?" the operator inquires.

    "I'm sorry?" Bruneau repeats.

    "What's your name?" the operator asks.

    At that point, Bruneau hangs up. When the operator gets a hold of him moments later and asks if his mother is conscious, Bruneau gives a curious answer.

    "No, she doesn't have a brain sir."

    Bruneau later told police he thought his mother was trying to kill him by yelling at him. Bruneau is being held without bond.