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Coral Springs on Guard After 5 Burglaries

Police are using a new unit called BEAR as they investigate



    Five Coral Springs homes were hit Monday, with burglars making off with thousands of dollars in jewelry and electronics, police said. Coral Springs Police spokesman Lt. Joe McHugh discussed some of the details of the case. (Published Friday, May 4, 2012)

    Coral Springs Police and communities are on guard after a string of burglaries at five homes just this week.

    The five homes were all hit Monday, and four were robbed, with burglars making off with thousands of dollars in jewelry and electronics, according to police.

    The burglars reportedly broke in through the rear, sliding glass doors of each home, before ransacking them for valuables. Police said robberies like these aren't uncommon given the sluggish economy.

    "Ever since the jewelry price has increased for the cost of jewelry right now for people selling jewelry, we have seen an increase in burglaries, unfortunately," Coral Springs Police spokesman Lt. Joe McHugh said.

    Police Looking for 'Crooked Casanova'

    [MI] Police Looking for 'Crooked Casanova'
    Coral Springs Police are looking for a man who took a woman on a date while his accomplice stole $4,300 worth of items from her. Coral Springs Police spokesman David Kirkland discusses the case.
    (Published Wednesday, March 7, 2012)

    Authorities in Coral Springs told NBC 6 they are aggressively pursuing leads, and have gathered key details in their investigation, as a result of opening a new unit called "BEAR," short for Burglary Enforcement And Reduction.

    Neighbors on one Coral Springs street say they're wary, even if all seems fine.

    "We're home most of the time so I'm not too much worried about it," John Messaria said. "I hope no one tries to get in while I'm here."

    Conspiring Casanova Caught: Police

    [MI] Conspiring Casanova Caught: Police
    Coral Springs Police said they nabbed the conspiring Casanova who took an 18-year-old woman out on a date while his accomplice broke into her home, stealing $4,300 worth of her property. It turns out that ?Florenciano Valentino? is actually Anthony Maldanado, 18, of Miami Gardens, police said Thursday. Police and the suspect's neighbor discuss the case.
    (Published Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015)

    Investigators said a late model, blue-gray Nissan Altima with tinted windows was spotted near two burglarized homes.

    "It was a newer model, Nissan Altima, grayish, bluish in color (that) waved her out of the driveway," McHugh said. "At first, she didn't think anything of it, you know, sometimes a police officer wouldn't have thought anything of it either; however, about two hours later, at another burglary in our city, a witness observed the same exact vehicle."

    Police said they believe the car could be a rental, and add that more thieves are using rental cars in an effort to keep law enforcement off their trails.

    Anyone with information about this burglary or others is asked to call Coral Springs Police at 954-346-1200.