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Credit Card Skimmers Found At Two Hollywood Gas Stations



    Gas Pump Skimmers Target South Florida Drivers

    Scammers are targeting drivers who are pumping at gas stations in South Florida by adding skimmers to pumps, which can steal your credit card information.. NBC 6's Stephanie Bertini reports.

    (Published Friday, Dec. 15, 2017)

    Illegal credit card skimmers have been found at two gas stations in Hollywood, according to the Hollywood Police Department.

    The skimmers were found at a Chevron gas station located on 2730 Sheridan St. and a Shell station at 2414 North Federal Highway. It is not yet known how many skimmers were at each station.

    Credit card skimmers can swipe your debit or credit card information when you make a payment at the pump. The devices are easy to install and make it easy for criminals to steal personal financial information.

    To avoid getting duped, police advise commuters to double check card readers and stickers to make sure everything on the pump is intact. A damaged card-reader is a sign of a potential skimming device. 

    If a card reader looks like it’s been tampered with, drivers are urged to let a gas station attendant know, or pay in cash to protect themselves.

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