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Crime Stoppers Documentary Tells Stories of Unsolved Murders

The documentary called "Stop Black on Black Murder" was screened at the Evergreen Cemetery Monday.



    Crime Stoppers Documentary Tells Stories of Unsolved Murders
    NBC 6 South Florida
    Richard Masten is the executive director of Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers.

    Crime Stoppers took its message out into the community Monday, playing the stories of local murder victims on-screen at a Miami cemetery.

    The non-profit community action program held a screening of Executive Director Richard Masten's new documentary "Stop Black on Black Murder" at the Evergreen Cemetery at 3055 N.W. 41st Street Monday night.

    The film tells the stories of 23 murder victims of still unsolved crimes.

    For many who attended the screening, it wasn't easy to stand at that cemetery and watch.

    It's been two years since Sharon Ladson buried her daughter Angelese, but she said she still can't shake the feeling of loss.

    "I can't get rid of it," she said. "It doesn't get easier with time, it doesn't erase it."

    Ladson said Angelese was gunned down in June of 2012 as she was handing out baby shower invitations. Angelese was eight months pregnant.

    "It was just tragic for the family to lose both of them at once, it was tragic," Ladson said.

    She said her only comfort comes from speaking to other families that have also lost loves ones in unsolved crimes.

    Von Carol Kinchens' son Kendrick was shot to death in Miami. Police eventually found the killer six years later.

    "You don't know if they're sitting in a room with you, or while you're out, if that person that took their life is just walking with you," Kinchens said. "You don't know."

    Ladson said she doesn't want to sit and wait that long for answers to unbearable questions.

    "I'm here because there's hope," Ladson said. "I'm just hoping my daughter's case doesn't become one of those cold cases stuffed in a box and filed away."

    Anyone with information is urged to help Ladson and others with cases like hers by calling Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

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