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Crist Vetoes Ultrasound Abortion Bill

Gov. says no to bill that would require ultrasounds before all abortions.



    Crist Vetoes Ultrasound Abortion Bill
    Doctors use ultrasound for real time imaging

    A controversial bill that would require women wanting abortions to get ultrasounds before the operation has been vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist.

    Crist had hinted that he would rebuke the idea several times this week after saying he had "concerns" about some of the provisions in the bill.

    "This bill places an inappropriate burden on a woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy,'' Crist said.

    Several advocacy groups and prominent Democrats lobbied the governor to veto the bill, but Republicans wanted Crist to sign it into law.

    Reaction to the veto was swift, especially from Crist's opponents for the U.S. Senate. Both Kendrick Meek and Marco Rubio ripped Crist for his decision, although Meek had admonished the governor to veto the bill this week.

    The Republican-led Legislature tacked amendments onto a non-controversial health care bill that also would have required women to view the live image or have it described by a doctor unless they could prove they were victims of rape, incest or domestic violence.

    Ultrasound exams can cost between a few hundred dollars and $1,500 and the women would have also been required to pay for the procedure.