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Dirty Deed! Fake Maid Service Cleans Out Elderly

Fake cleaning service robbed elderly people



    If you are good with a mop, you could land the world's worst job.

    “Mister Maid Cleaning Service” guaranteed it could rid your home of dirt and grime. It also cleaned up on people’s jewelry and valuables, Broward Sheriff’s Office officials said Friday.

    The fake cleaning service was actually a clever way for Stephen Knapp, 37, and 43-year-old Richard Lewis to get inside the homes of at least 14 unsuspecting Broward homeowners, many of them elderly, investigators allege.

    The men were arrested earlier this week and charged with grand theft, exploitation of the elderly and dealing in stolen property. Investigators said there are likely more victims.

    The men must have actually done a pretty good job getting rid of dirt because they got their business from referrals. Unfortunately, the clients didn't know Knapp and Lewis had sticky fingers.

    After arresting the two con men, police found thousands of dollars in jewelry that the men had cleaned from their clients. The men told police they stole to support their addiction to pain pills. The pair was using about $600 worth of Roxycodones per week.

    Maybe they will clean up their act in jail.