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East Little Havana Residents Being Evicted Getting "A Rough, Rough Deal," One Says

Operation Clean Sweep determined that 402 NW 12th Ave. was unsafe



    Frank Noda and Juan Carlos Gonzalez are two of the residents being forced to leave their apartment building after Miami's Operation Clean Sweep found that it was unsafe. Administrator Pablo Canton says the city wants to root out slumlords. (Published Monday, July 16, 2012)

    Some residents being evicted from a condemned East Little Havana building say they can’t believe the city only gave them only gave him three days to get out.

    "It is a rough, rough deal we got here. We should have had a little bit more ample time,” Frank Noda said.

    He’s one of dozens of residents of the apartment complex at 402 NW 12th Ave. that are being forced to leave after Miami’s Operation Clean Sweep determined that the building was an unsafe structure.

    The notice went up Friday, making for a scramble for residents. Garbage litters the apartment building, and the water is shut off.

    Juan Carlos Gonzalez said everybody had to leave on Monday.

    “Only two days. And Saturday and Sunday, where do you call Saturday and Sunday? It’s impossible – nobody working on Saturday and Sunday. It’s incredible,” said Gonzalez, who called the time limit “abuse.”

    The city says, however, that it is targeting this and other Little Havana buildings to root out slumlords.

    "The idea is that we’re not going to allow any slumlords to keep this type of building. I think we owe it to the people who live here, to the community,” administrator Pablo Canton said.

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    Noda got some buddies to help him get out, and will stay with family. Other residents are trying to stick it out.

    The apartment complex is just east of the new Marlins ballpark. Noda claimed that is why they’re being moved.

    “I think that’s part of the deal, yeah, you know. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out,” he said.

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