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(Egg) Rollin' With the Obamas

The White House is giving away tickets to its annual Easter egg roll online



    (Egg) Rollin' With the Obamas
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    Domenick Capannola uses a spoon (and his game face) to move his hard-boiled egg during last year's White House Easter Egg Roll.

    The White House is looking for the best, the brightest and the fastest egg rollers in the nation and for the first time will open its annual Easter egg roll to kids all over the nation.

    All you have to do is hop online and click.

    The famous Easter egg roll on the south lawn of the Obamas' new pad will be open to children and their families who are lucky enough to receive the fed's version of a Golden Ticket. In case you aren't familiar with the rules, the idea is to roll an egg on the ground with a spoon until you reach the finish line.

    Hardcore egg rollers prefer raw eggs, but the White House generally uses hard-boiled, nicely decorated eggs.

    Historically, the tickets were handed out the weekend before the event at the Ellipse, the local park in front of the White House. That usually meant only the elitist local kids got to play with the president. But in the spirit of change, Obama has opened the event, dubbed,  "Let's Go Play," to kids across the nation via the Internet. It's scheduled for April 13 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    The day is meant to be fun, so secret service isn't expected to drag kids away who don't finish the race.