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Ex-Yankees Slugger Allegedly Takes Swing at Ex-Wife

Leyritz busted in Florida again, this time for domestic battery



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    Broward County Sheriff's Office
    Jim Leyritz's newest arrest photo. The ex-Yankees slugger can't seem to stay out of trouble in South Florida.

    Troubled ex-Yankees slugger Jim Leyritz has been charged with slugging his ex-wife in Davie in his latest brush with the law in Florida.

    Leyritz has been charged with domestic battery after police responded to his Davie home early this morning after receiving reports he had allegedly battered ex-wife Karrie, according to a police report from the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

    According to the report, Leyritz attacked Karrie after the two had a dispute over money related to child support.

    Leyritz, who had been on bond while he awaited trial on 2007 DUI manslaughter charges, was ordered to stay in jail until that trial starts by a Broward judge on Thursday.

    It's Leyritz's second time violating the terms of his bond, which certainly didn't help his chances to get out of jail. But Judge John Hurley admitted the statements by  Karrie Leyritz in the police report were "inconsistent" and contradicted the story she was telling about what happened.

    The two are no longer involved romantically but are living together out of convenience, according to the report. They have three children together.

    Karrie claims Leyritz hit her in the face twice, then pushed her to the ground. She said she fled the home after the attack and called police from a neighbor's house.

    Officers found her with a bleeding gash over her left eye and found blood marks by the door to their house.

    Leyritz, who denied hitting his ex-wife, told police that she had likely hurt herself on purpose, and claimed she had hurt herself and blamed it on him once before. He told police Karrie was especially upset yesterday after Leyritz told her he was moving to have her evicted out of the house. Karrie admitted to police that she had been drinking, according to the police report.

    Leyritz told police he heard her leave the house but assumed it was to step out to smoke a cigarette.

    Police found the couple's three children, still asleep, in the home. Police woke up one of the kids who told them that his mom had been drinking and that she had probably hit herself again.

    Leyritz was arrested just after 3 a.m.

    Karrie Leyritz did not attend the bond hearing, but was seen earlier in the day outside the estranged couples' Davie home. Leyritz's attorney said he will fight to get another bond hearing to get his client out of jail.

    Leyritz, 45, is already in hot water in South Florida after he was hit with DUI manslaughter charges for a fatal December 2007 crash in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He is accused of being legally drunk when he blew through a red light and plowed into a car driven by Freida Veitch, who later died from her injuries.

    Leyritz was arrested earlier this year after it was determined he had started drinking again, which violated a court order of no alcohol. He was released a few days later because of legal technicalities but given a stern warning that any other slip ups would result in Leyritz heading to jail.

    Leyritz checked himself into a the mental ward at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood in May after the former Yankee allegedly became depressed over the drunk driving incident, according to a report.