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Fake Cops Strike Again in Miami

Man shot after he's pulled over by phony police



    Fake Cops Strike Again in Miami
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    A woman says two fake cops pulled her and her husband over in North Miami-Dade and they shot her husband after a struggle.

    Just a month after two men posing as police pulled over and beat a man in Northwest Miami-Dade, another pair of phony officers pulled over and shot a man early this morning just a short drive away from the first incident.

    The shooting happened just after 4 a.m. in the area of Northeast 111 Street and Northeast 14th Avenue.

    The fake cop car, a dark Dodge Charger with flashing lights, pulled over a woman and her husband as they were heading to work, according to cbs4.com.

    The wife said the men told them over a loudspeaker to exit the car, then began to beat her husband with a baseball bat. After a struggle, they shot the woman's husband twice, according to cbs4.com.

    The man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he's listed in stable condition. The impostor cops fled the scene.

    The incident happened just five miles away from the scene of another phony cop assault, in which a man was pistol whipped and robbed after he was pulled over by fake cops at the intersection of Northwest 79th Street and 17th Avenue on June 30.

    The fake cops from the June assault were never caught. Police are investigating both incidents.