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Fake Crack Baker Busted

Man tries to pass off bread as crack to pay bills



    Fake Crack Baker Busted
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    A Fort Pierce man tried to sell dough as crack to try and make a little dough.

    A Fort Pierce man was just trying to make some dough when he tried to pass off bread as crack cocaine, but police busted him anyway.

    Timothy Allen Riggin told cops he was selling the crack to pay his bills. The 40-year-old was listed as unemployed on the arrest report.

    Riggin reportedly ran from a deputy after he was spotted Sunday night, but cops quickly caught up to him, then discovered the bogus bread in his pocket.

    “When I located the counterfeit crack, the male immediately said it was bread,” the report reads, according to tcpalm.com. “I asked him what he meant and he said it is fake crack.”

    Riggin was hit with felony possession of a counterfeit controlled substance and resisting arrest without violence charges.