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Family Fosters 90 Kids

Lisa Alvarez has taken care of over 90 children in the past 12 years



    Mom Fosters 90 Kids

    Lisa Alvarez talks to NBC 6 about the more than 90 children she has fostered over the past 12 years. (Published Tuesday, April 30, 2013)

    For Lisa Alvarez, Mother’s Day is one of the sweetest days of the year.

    She’s had the joy of fostering over 90 children in the past 12 years.

    “Everyone always tells me ‘you are going straight to heaven,’ but to tell you the truth, I’ve found my heaven on Earth right here,” Alvarez told NBC 6.

    “I couldn’t bear my own children, so my husband and I figured there was something else out there for us, and boy was there,” she said.

    Since then, their home has been filled with tiny hands and feet.

    Alvarez said she even adopted two of their foster children – Dezie and Natasha.

    “My mom is the best mom in the world,” Natasha said.

    For Natasha, her mom is her world. She’s not only a mentor, but a role model that helps children every day until they find a permanent home.

    “She can take care of so many babies at once. She’s supermom,” Natasha said.

    Five years ago, Alvarez starting fostering kids with medical needs, and since then she’s fostered 20 of them and adopted Dezie, who has cerebral palsy.

    “They need so much. They need a mentor, they need someone to take care of their medical needs. But most importantly, they need a parent, they need someone to love them,” Alvarez said.

    The walls in the Alvarez’s hallway remind them of the 90 children who have come through the doors.

    “It’s heart-wrenching when they leave. I know when they come into my home they aren’t mine. I don’t get to keep them all. I just try to put them on a better path, get them healed medically so they can go on and live enriched lives,” she said.

    Alvarez goes through roughly 30 bottles a day, plenty of diapers and lots of help from her husband Jorge and Natasha.

    “These children are fortunate to come to my wife’s home because she honestly loves them to death,” Jorge said.

    For a mom who has touched over 90 children in South Florida, this Sunday will be extra special.

    “Happy Mother’s Day, you have touched so many people in the world,” Natasha said.