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Father and Stepson Foil Alleged Robbers Getaway



    NBC 6's Gilma Avalos has the details on a father and stepson who helped foil a bank robbers getaway in Lighthouse Point on Friday. (Published Friday, Aug. 15, 2014)

    An alleged crook in Lighthouse Point picked the wrong day to try to rob a Bank of America branch as he ran into a father and stepson team that usually only tackled home improvement projects, until Friday.

    Jeff Emming and his son were sitting in their pickup truck at the bank branch when the father saw a cloud of red dust coming up from a man with a befuddled look on his face. The red dust was coming from an exploding dye pack banks use to help catch robbers.

    “That red dye pack just popped up like a huge smoke bomb,” Jeff said. “I’m like, that’s the cops episode where they show the dye pack where they put it in there and it blows up. It was game on then.”

    Emming and his stepson ended up chasing the would-be robber down North Federal Highway for about three miles into Deerfield Beach. That’s when they say the guy took off running. The robber ended up getting handcuffed under a sign that read, “You Lucky Dog.”

    “So I bullrushed him, knocked him down on the ground and held him there until the police came. Took him down in like five seconds,” Emming said.

    While Emming corraled the man, his son dialed 911 to get deputies to the scene.

    Broward Sheriff’s deputies arrested 51 year old David Pierce for the robbery. While the Emming’s didn’t get a reward, they did take home a little bit of red paint all over them and got a lecture from mom.

    “She was like, you guys should have never done that,” Emming said.

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