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Fire Rescue, SWAT Members Team Up for Rappel Training



    Fire Rescue, SWAT Team Up for Rappel Training

    The agencies learned some life-saving techniques Thursday. (Published Thursday, July 9, 2015)

    Two agencies teamed up Thursday to learn some life-saving techniques.

    The Broward County Sheriff's SWAT Team descended, one by one, and scaled the wall of a six-story building.

    "We're giving them techniques to lower someone, to seal and cover and retrieve them back to a safe area," said Chief Mike Nugent with BSO Fire Rescue.

    BSO Fire Rescue is in charge of this training. Having rappelled off buildings for rescues in the past, now they're teaching SWAT to do the same, if they need to take out a threat from above.

    "Our two departments have different missions but we've found there are a lot of things they use that we can also use, that will help us out," said Sgt. Tony Garcia with the BSO SWAT Team.

    This training allows SWAT members to keep their hands off the rope and on their weapon, while their team on the roof moves them into place.

    "This is not a daily operation, this is probably one of the last things we will ever do. But when the minute comes and the decision is made, it has to go and be right, there's no do-overs or second-chances."

    It is groundbreaking for the SWAT Team and Fire Rescue to train so close together. They're on a shared mission to keep you safe.

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