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Parkland School Tragedy

Parkland School Tragedy

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Five Notable Moments From the Nikolas Cruz Interrogation



    Video Shows Cruz Talking to Brother in Interrogation Room

    Video released by the state attorney shows Nikolas Cruz' brother talking to him in the interrogation room. NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez reports.

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018)

    Four hours after Nikolas Cruz stopped firing his AR-15 at Stoneman Douglas High School, he had been captured, cleared medically by a physician and locked in an interrogation room where, for much of the next six hours he would confess to his crimes. The substance of the confession is redacted, under Florida law, but what follows are five notable areas of the interrogation.


    Broward sheriff’s Det. John Curcio gets the killer to begin confessing about a half hour into their interview. This is some of the exchange that preceded the killer’s first detailing of his actions, the details of which are redacted. (Note: Portions of this and other videos in this presentation are edited for time and clarity.)

    Detective Discusses 'Remorse' With Nikolas CruzDetective Discusses 'Remorse' With Nikolas Cruz

    Broward Sheriff's Det. John Curcio speaks with Nikolas Cruz about remorse.

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)


    Why did the killer buy the AR-15 rifle he used in the killings? At first he gives one reason – then, later, another.

    Nikolas Cruz Discusses Weapon in InterrogationNikolas Cruz Discusses Weapon in Interrogation

    Nikolas Cruz discusses the weapon used in the shooting, an AR-15.

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)


    Just as he later blamed the gun selection on a demon, the killer tries to convince Curcio the evil voice in his head was behind his actions.

    Nikolas Cruz Discusses "Demon' In His Head During InterrogationNikolas Cruz Discusses "Demon' In His Head During Interrogation

    Nikolas Cruz discusses the "demon" in his head while being interrogated.

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)


    Eventually, Curcio challenges the killer’s talk of a demon voice – and the exchange leads to a breakdown.

    Detective Challenges Nikolas Cruz About 'Demon'Detective Challenges Nikolas Cruz About 'Demon'

    Det. John Curcio challenges Nikolas Cruz about the "demon" in his head during the interrogation.

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)


    After Cruz invokes his right to counsel, Curcio ends the questioning, but is able to elicit signs of remorse after he brings the killer’s brother into the interrogation room.

    Nikolas Cruz Speaks With Brother ZacharyNikolas Cruz Speaks With Brother Zachary

    Nikolas Cruz speaks with his brother in the interrogation video.

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)

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