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Florida Panthers President Chides Devils Fan For Her 70 Twitter Followers

"No one cares what you think," Michael Yormark told Lauren Ashley, who has gained about 400 followers since



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    The ice crew collects hundreds of plastic rats after the Florida Panthers defeated the New Jersey Devils in Game 2 of their playoff series on April 15 in Sunrise.

    When a New Jersey hockey fan harshly criticized Florida Panthers President Michael Yormark’s announcement that the team would no longer be selling plastic rats at home games, he retorted on Twitter “you have 70 followers. No one cares what you think.”

    Now Lauren Ashley has 467 followers – and scored a pair of suite tickets to Game 6 between the Panthers and Devils in New Jersey Tuesday night.

    On Monday, Yormark blamed Devils fans for the moratorium on rat-selling, saying they were throwing the toys on the Panthers’ ice to get try and get the Cats a penalty, NBC Sports’ ProHockeyTalk reported.

    Ashley used a choice adjective to say that Yormark was embarrassing himself and the Panthers organization, prompting his response. He also told another critic who called him “a complete and utter moron” to “get off twitter,” ProHockeyTalk noted.

    He also told @JerseyGuy276 to “get a life!”

    The Panthers exec has 2,999 followers at last check.

    Yormark posted a more amiable message from the Devils’ arena shortly before Game 6 began Tuesday night.

    “The rock is filling up. Sold out crowd expected. Remember, its all in good fun!” wrote Yormark, who is also the Panthers’ chief operating officer.

    Meantime, Ashley, a self-described “(Not-so-typical) Jersey girl,” thanked the Devils for giving her tickets to the game.

    She also wrote in the second period, “I have to say Im a little upset I have yet to receive an apology.”