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Former Miami Mayor Organizes Cuba Rally at Harvard

Harvard students will join the Cuba fight for freedom march



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    Miami Mayor Manny Diaz during the NFL YET Center News Conference in Miami, Florida on February 2, 2007. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

    Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz is still tapped into the streets of Little Havana even though he is battling the cold weather in the Northeast.

    Piggy-backing on Gloria Estefan's call to feet today, Diaz has organized a similar Cuba freedom rally at Harvard's Institute of Politics on Thursday. We're not sure how many Cubans attend the Ivy League school, but the mini-demonstration will have an authentic feel to it.

    Just like the Ladies in White silent protest starting at 6 p.m., Harvard students will wear white and carry the message of freedom in Harvard Square, led by Diaz.

    Diaz, who was born in Cuba and escaped the island nation with his mom when he was 7, has been attending Harvard to improve his political skills and couldn't make it to Estefan's event.

    We'd give him an excused absence on this one considering Diaz probably shouldn't miss any classes on politics after nearly running the city into the ground financially over the past decade.