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Girl Awake After Death Drop From Carnival Ride

Dad videotaped daughter's 100-foot fall



    Girl Awake After Death Drop From Carnival Ride
    American Family Children's Hospital
    Teagan Marti just before she plunges from terminal Velocity ride.

    South Florida dad said it's a miracle his daughter is alive after falling 100 feet from a thrill ride at a Wisconsin carnival.

    Terminal Velocity

    On July 30, Teagan Marti of Parkland was on vacation with her family when she took on the challenge of Terminal Velocity, a ride that resembles a free fall.

    Investigators said Marti jumped off the platform, but instead landing in the safety net, the girl went head first into the ground.

    Her father, Alex Marti, said he videotaped the entire incident and thought his daughter died instantly.

    "I thought she was dead," Marti said at a press conference in Madison on Tuesday.

    Police claim the operator made a mistake and that the ride functioned properly. Still, Teagan Marti suffered broken bones in her spine and will likely be paralyzed. Surprisingly she had not major injuries to her skull or brain after such a devastating plunge.

    It's unclear when the Marti's will return back to Florida, but the girl has a long road to recovery, doctors said.